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Homeowners looking to renovate often see room for improvement in their kitchens and bathrooms. The National Association of Home Builder's Remodeling Market Index Survey, which measures conditions in the remodeling market, indicates that, in 2015, the two most common remodeling jobs were bathroom remodels (81 percent) and kitchen remodels (79 percent). According to HGTV and Statistics Brain, a new kitchen remodel for a kitchen measuring 12 by 12 feet may cost homeowners anywhere from $17,000 to $37,000.

Before investing so much into their remodeling projects, homeowners should think carefully about the features that will improve their time spent at home. When planning a kitchen renovation, homeowners may want to consider the following upgrades to make the room more enjoyable while improving its functionality.

Oversized sink

Although high-efficiency dishwashers are popular, deep sinks to soak soup pots or woks are still useful. Deep sinks may be preferable to double sinks, especially for homeowners who use lots of kitchen tools when preparing meals.

Soft-closing hinges

When replacing cabinets (or just the hardware), consider installing soft-closing hinges and slides on doors and drawers. These devices eliminate slamming and caught fingers, reducing noise and injuries in the kitchen.

Foot-pedal water operation

When outfitting a sink, think about foot controls, which are popular in doctors' offices and hospitals. Turning on the water with the tap of a foot can reduce the transfer of pathogens to faucets from hands during food preparation. These pedals also free up hands for other tasks.

Bottom's up

People likely spend more time raiding the refrigerator than the freezer on any given day. Rather than having to bend down to seek out that favorite flavor of Greek yogurt, choose a model with the fridge on top and freezer on the bottom, especially if anyone in the household has mobility issues. When shopping for refrigerators, French-door style units may offer even more access, making it easy for homeowners to slide fruit trays, sheet cakes and other large items into the fridge.

Extra lighting

A kitchen should be a balance of form and function. A combination of overhead lighting, decorative lighting and task lighting can illuminate all areas of the space effectively.

Appliance garages

Architectural and design resource Houzz says that appliance garages are popular kitchen additions, too. Set at counter-top level, these cabinets allow people to keep small appliances plugged in but tucked neatly behind closed doors.

Kitchen remodels are a sizable investment, and renovations can be customized to make the kitchen more hospitable for all in residence.

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 The kitchen is a place for prepping, cooking, and sharing meals. Consider upgrading if your space isn’t as functional or attractive as you would like. Even a minor renovation project can make a huge difference in your daily life.


Step 1: Brainstorming

Every renovation project starts with brainstorming design ideas. Every kitchen remodel, minor or major, starts with a vision. Determine where you want to make improvements, and prioritize your lists of needs and wants.


Step 2: Planning

Establish goals, a timeline, and a budget. By setting expectations, you can always stay on the same page with your remodeling team. If you want to make adjustments along the way, be sure to speak up. The original plan can always be altered.


Step 3: Ordering Materials

If new appliances, cabinets, and lighting fixtures are part of your renovation plan, these will need to be ordered and stored until it’s time to install them.


Step 4: Gutting

This is the fun step, and the messy step. Old cabinets, appliances, and even walls are removed to make room for new electrical and plumbing.


Step 5: Installation

The project is nearing completion when it comes time to install new cabinets, countertops, appliances, flooring, and fixtures. This is where the transformation really comes to life and your old kitchen begins to look like your new kitchen.


Step 6: Project Completion

As the customer, a project is never finished until you are satisfied. If your expectations are not met, let your contractor know.


If you are interested in beginning a kitchen remodel, we’d love to talk specifics with you. Get in touch today and ask the team at Miller Surface Gallery for some kitchen remodel insight.

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