Marble, Soapstone, Quartz & Granite Countertops

 For Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Outdated and damaged countertops can take away from the look and functionality of your kitchen and bathroom. Replacing them is an excellent way to update the look of your kitchen or bathroom, and add overall value to your home and lifestyle. 

With Miller Surface Gallery’s professional expertise, countertop replacement projects are quick and straightforward. We will help you select your new countertop from start to finish. You will look over our vast selection of products with one of our showroom experts to see what materials and colors are the perfect complement to your kitchen or bathroom. From there our contractors will come into your home, take measurements, and provide detailed pricing. Then once your new countertop has been fabricated to your exact specifications, our in-house installation team will install the new surface, sink, and faucet then responsibly dispose of your old countertop and any other unwanted materials. All of this can happen in a few business days! If you are in Savannah, GA and the surrounding areas, call Miller Surface Gallery for professional countertop work!

Granite, Marble & More; What Material Fits Your Needs?

Determining what countertop fits your kitchen style, life style and wallet can be a laborious process that leads to a lot of difficult questions. Our experts are here to guide you to a product you can love for years to come. Each project is custom-made to meet your design needs. With our extensive selection of countertops, backsplashes and sinks, we offer a full-service countertop work package in one location! 

Miller Surface Gallery Provides:

Granite Countertops

Granite, the top choice in countertops, is available in a variety of shades such as blacks, whites, greens, corals and beiges, and no two pieces are exactly the same.

•Appearance – There are many different types of minerals in granite, some of which appear like small, shiny flecks or longer veins of varying colors. Granite itself comes in many different natural colors and can be polished or finished in many different ways.
• Beneficial Features – The stone is naturally durable and water resistant with antibacterial and varying characteristics. Granite is also scratch and heat resistant. You'll ruin your knife before you damage your granite countertop if you decide to chop on its surface.

• Granite Care– Use a granite sealant for an additional layer of protection. Clean with a clean, damp cloth and use a small amount of soapy water for heavy residue or debris. Avoid ammonia, bleach or any cleaning products with solvents or caustics, as this will remove the sealant.

Marble Countertops

A time-honored choice for countertops, marble is a classic that’s versatile enough to look good in all sorts of kitchens. 

•Appearance – Marble comes in a wide variety of colors and with different vein colors and sizes.
 Marble is available in hues of white, black, gray, yellow, green, and pink, some with dark, prominent veins and others with more subtle patterning.

• Beneficial Features – Natural marble is classic and very beautiful, making it a versatile choice that can add character to your home. 

•Marble Care– Clean up any water or spills on marble as quickly as possible and consider adding a sealant. Never leave a chemical, citric or acidic item or substance on the marble.
Clean marble with a clean, slightly damp cloth and then dry with a soft towel. Avoid bleach, acidic cleaners or any abrasive household cleaners with marble, as etching and dullness may occur.

Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone is a natural quarried stone. It’s a metamorphic rock that got its name from the soft, or soapy, feel of its surface, which is thanks to the presence of talc in the stone.

• Appearance – Soapstone is available in a range of shades on a sliding gray scale, predominantly with blue or green undertones. Each slab is unique and varies in look and size from quarry to quarry. Quartz fleck and veining patterns cause the widest variation in soapstone, some slabs have large but few veins; others have dense veining. It will also darken naturally over time or with addition of mineral oils. 

• Beneficial Features – A durable and hardworking natural stone that is virtually maintenance free, soapstone is stain, heat, chemical and water resistant but scratches easily.

• Soapstone Care – Soapstone is nonporous and does not need to be sealed or protected, this also makes it bacteria resistant. No harsh chemicals needed, just clean with water. 

Quartz Countertops

One of the world’s hardest minerals providing you with long-lasting enjoyment. Although some quartz countertops are actually made of quarried slabs of the natural stone, the new engineered material is actually created through a manufacturing process that mixes approximately 93 percent ground natural quartz with 7 percent polymer resins. California Quartz is a blend of white plaster, quartz, resins, and polymers, creating an ancient building formula used by the Greeks and Romans some 2,000 years ago to build such structures as the Colosseum and Pantheon which are still standing in Rome today! 
• Appearance – Engineered quartz is available in a wide variety of colors leaning towards natural shades, but ranges from bright whites (one of the most popular options) to reds and blacks.

• Beneficial Features – Quartz is an abundant material and the finished product is nontoxic and nonallergenic. Hard, nonporous, nonreactive and impact resistant, it will last a lifetime, reducing the need for replacement.

 • Quartz Care – Warm water and soap are recommend for day-to-day cleaning. For a stubborn spill, you can use a nonabrasive cleaner such as Soft Scrub.
Proudly Serving Savannah, GA & Surrounding Areas for their kitchen and bathroom countertop needs.

Proudly Serving Savannah, GA & Surrounding Areas for their kitchen and bathroom countertop needs. 
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